7 #webfont EITI Webfont Icons

This is a custom webfont made for the eiti project. Font icons are namespaced with a '.icon-' class. To use a font, the recommended use is to create an element with the class attribute set to your icon of choice. Alternatively, use an icon by specifying font-family: 'eiti', and setting the content property of :before or :after pseudo-selectors to correspond with that of the intended icon.

Default styling
Void – All of the following icons are displayed at 2rem
coal icon
oil icon
gold icon
iron icon
wind icon (similar to renewables)
geo icon
copper icon
gas icon
renewables icon
book icon (for glossary)
map icon
download icon
close button
small chevron, defaults right
small chevron right
small chevron left
small chevron up
small chevron down
large chevron, defaults right
large chevron right
large chevron left
large chevron up
large chevron down
small dash
large dash
small plus
large plus
search icon
<i style="font-size: 2rem; color: #4a4a4a;" class="icon [modifier class]"></i>
<i style="font-size: 2rem; color: #1478a6;" class="icon [modifier class]"></i>