The United States Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

USEITI is part of an international effort to promote open and accountable management of natural resources. This site provides data about how the U.S. manages extractive industries .

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Revenue data shows where federal revenue from extractive industries is coming from, who pays it, and where it goes.

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In 2013, the federal government collected over $12 billion from those extracting resources on federal lands and waters.

The U.S. ranks at or near the top worldwide in the production of many natural resources. Explore this site to learn about U.S. natural gas, oil, coal, copper, gold, iron, and renewables.

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Who owns natural resources in the U.S.?

Natural resources can be owned by citizens and corporations, the federal government, state and local governments, or Indian tribes and individuals.

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Where does the money go?

Revenue from natural resources goes to federal, state, and county governments, as well as to a range of funds that work at the local and national levels.